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Providing business software for years

As a company, Professional Web Services sets great store by our core values of integrity, honesty and sound work ethics in everything we do. If we say we’ll achieve something, it will happen; if we agree to get your system running by a certain date, it will be live on the day or we will have told you way before hand the issues / risks (its not a perfect world after all); and if we give you a price for a project, we’ll honour it.

Based in Cornwall,the business is run Nicholas Jory, who has devoted the last twenty years or so to shaping business process management products to clients’ corporate requirements.

Starting as a web and software developer and working his way up via project and technical management, he has helped to implement new processes for numerous private and public sector organisations including FTSE, Admiral Insurance, Qualcom and the British Transport Police. One of his largest projects was an extensive web-based management information system for Epoch Design to manage projects, staff, time sheets, invoices, the production of purchase orders/suppliers and provide management reporting - including profit margins - in real time. Another key project was developing a centralised, web-based kitchen installation management tool for retail giant IKEA, enabling it to link customers to products to local contractors - and manage all their schedules.

Nicholas is experienced in data modelling, analytical programming, complex financial modelling and forecasting. He has designed, built and supported commercial, custom-made, contact management systems requiring information retrieval, event-tracking, invoicing, and back-end e-commerce processing to manage numerous orders from multiple websites selling different products simultaneously.

We could go on but it would get a little repetitive. Suffice it to say that Nicholas is well-placed to assess business needs, design, develop and deploy solutions, manage a skilled team and provide support for organisations of all shapes and sizes. And although our in-house strength is development, we’ve forged long-term relationships with several excellent graphic designers and join forces with them to offer a seamless design and build service when necessary. We also have business connections with highly qualified doctors, mathematicians, physicists and IT consultants whom we appoint to the team when their expertise will add value.

Our work is guaranteed and will usually be project-managed by Nicholas himself. Once it’s completed he’ll take full accountability for providing ongoing service agreements according to your needs via a reliable support and development team. As a W3C-compliant company, we adhere to service levels set by the World Wide Web Consortium, the group responsible for defining major standards used in web design, such as HTML and CSS.