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Providing Business Software Solutions

What we do

Assess Business Needs

Some people will know exactly what they need but others may need a little help discovering the options. We can walk you through the whole process.
Key areas include: 1) the reason(s) for the program. 2) what decisions will be made from the program and by whom? 3) who will use the system and what will they do?
Consideration also needs to be given to the existing systems and staff training levels etc.

Design Solution

From infrastructure, to functional design to graphical design we can help.
Using experts in each field we can create complete turn key solutions.

System Development

Each system will require a certain amount of uniqueness. We are familiar with writing from the ground up to accommodate this but similarly are happy to use proven, robust and cost effective components when they exist. This can cut development time and costs dramatically.


All systems we create we are happy to install and will work with your own systems' administrators / support personnel as closely as needed.


Any management tool needs to have support. We can work with you to provide what ever you and your system need.

The Tools We Use

Microsoft's main stay development framework. With its maturity, huge collection of APIs and its ability to tackle even the toughest of project it is a tool of choice.
It can be deployed in the cloud with Azure, on windows web servers, localized intranet servers all the way through to client devices.

Xamarin provides a perfect approach for mobile application development. Using Xamarin.Forms most code can be shared between iOS, Android and Windows devices meaning there is a single development cost rather than three. Having a single code base has lots of advantages. provides a dexterous and comprehensive environment for web based applications. Its implementation of Model View Controller (MVC) allows a disciplined structured approach for development. Integrating libraries like Angular.js allow very clever client interactive sites.

Key Words / Acronyms

Just a little bit of technical detail for those interested: C#, MVC 5, Razor, Bootstrap, Code First, Entity Framework, EF, Structure Map, SQL Server, Subversion, SVN, Xamarin Forms, Android, iOS, MVVMLight, MVVMCross, SQLite, WinForms, Web Services, XBRL, XBRT, Signal R, ActiveDirectory, LDAP, Javascript, AJAX, Test Driven Development TDD, Unit testing, Oracle Real-time Scheduler, Team Foundation Server, TFS, R Project